Graphos: Reimagining Marketing around Measurable Results

Laurier Mandin, President, Principal Consultant & CEO, GraphosLaurier Mandin, President, Principal Consultant & CEO
The Canadian marketing landscape has become more challenging with the implementation of new federal anti-spam legislation. Businesses can no longer send email marketing messages to leads who have submitted a generic form, and legacy lists diminish radically when people are required to explicitly opt back in. Canadians are acutely sensitive about marketing through email, and non-compliant businesses risk facing severe fines. To help their clients come up with more effective marketing techniques, Graphos takes a unique approach to branding, creative campaigns, inbound marketing, and digital design services. “We focus on more personal automation techniques and creating engagement that leads to far-reaching conversations with bigger payoffs,” says Laurier Mandin, President, Principal Consultant, and CEO at Graphos.

In their bid to attract more people, marketing firms can become overly reliant on inbound marketing emails and their focus shifts away from building brands and creating amazing user experiences. “Marketing should never become only about executing a list of tasks every day and studying a dashboard,” reckons Mandin. The Graphos approach to inbound marketing relies on analyzing the client’s profile first and then leveraging the agency’s deep experience to craft holistic strategies and solutions tailored to real needs and goals. Leveraging tools such as Hubspot helps make the firm more efficient and better measure results. Additionally, instead of merely focusing on generating maximum leads, these strategies help Graphos clients get qualified visitors, nurture quality leads, and manage workflows to maximize truly successful conversions.

Apart from these functionalities, Graphos gives emphasis to the design of its solutions as well. Users are familiar with the combination of design, branding, and user focus from big brands. Often, when businesses commoditize their marketing or give it to an individual or internal marketing team, these elements get lost.

It takes teamwork, an array of talents and inspiration to continually produce great marketing. For more than 25 years, that’s something we’ve done well

“It takes teamwork, an array of talents and inspiration to continually produce great marketing. For more than 25 years, that’s something we’ve done well,” asserts Mandin. Additionally, Graphos also has a video department to produce video content in-house. “It has made our work more exciting and more powerful than ever,” adds Mandin.

Graphos caters to the needs of the client, whether a startup or an enterprise that has been in business for many years through business planning and strategy consultation. Their team offers clients uncommon depth and range of expertise from marketing automation with smart growth stacks such as Hubspot to deeper strategies that come from understanding how business works. “We have seen the guts of hundreds of businesses, and there is no substitute for that much boots-on-the-ground experience,” adds Mandin. The company banks on this experience to understand the buyer’s psychology and then constructs audience personas to see client offerings through the lens of buyer needs.

These Graphos advantages have been aiding one national Hubspot client for four years. The resulting business growth has led to them to become deeply involved in the client’s recruitment processes and HR marketing. This has included observing top performers and managers across the country and revamping the client’s hiring methodology. “We’ve developed custom online tools to manage client workflows, along with the lead gen and sales funnel management Hubspot continues to do,” adds Mandin.

Mandin also stresses that Graphos does not rush into retainers to hit tiering numbers, but focuses on achieving a sustainable match. They sign a deal after studying the prospect’s business workflow and identifying a fit. This greatly enhances their likelihood of success. Looking at the future, Mandin concludes by saying, “As we continue to evolve, our focus will remain on partnering with clients who see value in what we do and building very productive long-term relationships.”