FabCom: A More Cerebral Approach to Marketing

Brian Fabiano, CEO & Strategist, FabComBrian Fabiano, CEO & Strategist
While businesses race on a treadmill of relentless innovation and technological advances, it has shined the light on the significance of neuromarketing—mapping target audience’s behavioral, demographic and psychographic connection points to a brand. It’s one of the fundamental elements that HubSpot has built a modern era marketing platform from. This new proven science with the power of granular attributions has propelled numerous companies to integrate and harness the benefits of converging technologies to create and distribute compelling content across diverging audience with dynamic one-to-one marketing.

Brian Fabiano, a seasoned professional in cross-channel marketing backed by decades of industry-changing marketing innovations is also the author of the renowned and groundbreaking work within Neuromarketing. His book has become the industry standard on the subject: Neuromarketology™. It all started in 1991 with the idea of a truly cross-channel integrated marketing agency. Since that point, the midsized national marketing agency has been working to recreate the very realm of marketing. At the helm of FabCom—a top Phoenix integrated marketing agency—Fabiano leads his experience-rich team to effectively tackle the challenges of dynamic marketing and HubSpot—inbound marketing and sales software—with the mind mapping of neuromarketing. FabCom integrates sales and enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) systems with customer management systems (CMS), creating a dynamic mapping of instant messaging of AI-driven content for divergent customers in the buying cycle through the most appropriate channel.
“We have pioneered a brand mapping formula to create dynamic one-to-one marketing with converging technologies for diverging audiences with astonishing ROI,” states Fabiano.

FabCom efficiently leverages neuromarketing with exciting new sub-niche targeting, segmented specific content, in-depth progressive advertising and visibility of progress within the buying cycle. The agency employs a distinctive methodology called progressive messaging to enthrall customers on a journey. Simplified, it’s all based on providing hyper-relevant cohort specific content with pinpoint accuracy to ensure advertising results. FabCom is uniquely focused on exploring the limitless possibilities of new, innovative inbound sales software or “smarketing” to help brands understand the science of connection and automate variable content based on the products’ brand attributes. “We must understand the demographics, psychographics and customer behavior in order to deliver progressive brand content that matches the customers’ position in the buying cycle in order to make that elusive ‘relevant’ connection,” Fabiano adds.

In order to add value to customers’ needs, FabCom fastidiously combines business strategy, creativity, and deep research strategies in perfect harmony to integrate turnkey funnel marketing solutions and effectively connect businesses with their customers. FabCom’s cross-discipline team is often chosen to undertake HubSpot enterprise-level ‘rescue missions’, to assist in-house agencies improve their technology and content strategies to achieve optimal ROI on automated marketing systems of all types across the country. “We are like a SEAL team that possesses unparalleled skill and experience in a multitude of very concentrated disciplines and sales and marketing software capabilities. We are usually dropped within an enterprise infrastructure to fix a problem in less than 90 days,” says Fabiano with pride.

In addition, FabCom debuted in the blockchain arena one of the first public information wallet blockchain apps. The next-gen blockchain app is dynamically integrated with both online and offline marketing platforms, ensuring superior two-way customer data privacy with blockchain authentication. “This exciting new app implements a new highly secure method to offer a seamless buying relationship. This new blockchain and AI driven customer funnel methodology will help encourage customers to upload personal information without the fear of being hacked, while guaranteeing an amazing intimate customer experience,” Fabiano concludes.