Prism Global Marketing Solutions: Marketing Excellence with Inbound

CIO VendorElyse Flynn Meyer, President & Founder
Miles ahead in the fierce, unrelenting world of marketing, HubSpot and its inbound marketing software outmaneuver all competition. With the abundance of new technologies and tools right within HubSpot, businesses need dedicated, strategic support to implement the most effective inbound marketing strategies. Multiple award-winning agency, Prism Global Marketing Solutions, a HubSpot Platinum Partner, seizes the spotlight here with their superior consulting, strategy development, and implementation of HubSpot.

“Our clients benefit from our team of HubSpot-certified professionals in harnessing the full potential of inbound marketing from content development, social media, marketing automation, and analytics across all prospect and customer touch points,” says Elyse Flynn Meyer, president and founder of Prism Global Marketing Solutions. For companies who are just getting started with HubSpot, the agency offers HubSpot onboarding services in addition to building out their content and inbound marketing and sales strategy. Prism Global Marketing Solutions focuses on the whole customer journey from the point of becoming a prospect, to ultimately converting into a customer.

As a HubSpot exclusive agency, Prism Global Marketing Solutions also leverages the many technology integration offerings available within the HubSpot Connect community offering marketing and sales technology solutions at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Prism Global Marketing Solutions provides the most comprehensive services to their clients by ensuring that their team has a holistic understanding of marketing, sales, service and operations to utilize the most strategic technology and content to provide services at a deeper level than just on the marketing side. Even on the support front, Prism Global Marketing Solutions’ clients benefit from HubSpot-certified training along with one-on-one coaching, and group training and workshops, for both HubSpot and the inbound methodology.

We develop a customized plan for every client. We do not have a templated approach because every business is completely different

To stay aligned with the customer's goals to ensure their client’s success, Prism Global Marketing Solutions listens to the client to develop comprehensive and customized programs that align with the client’s goals and leverages the most effective technology and content plan. “We develop a customized plan for every client. We do not have a templated approach because every business is completely different,” says Elyse Flynn Meyer.

With five HubSpot Impact Awards won for their work in the last several years, the success metrics of Prism Global Marketing Solutions are reflected in their clients’ overall marketing, sales and revenue increases over time. Clients who work with Prism Global Marketing Solutions can expect a dramatic increase in all aspects of their marketing and sales metrics including overall website traffic, lead conversion ratio, and ultimately a higher customer conversion rate and increased revenue.

In one instance, a healthcare client providing a plethora of services to patients and providers lacked the appropriate means of engaging with their audiences digitally. Prism Global Marketing Solutions worked with the organization on a content strategy with email marketing, automation, blogging, social media, and lead generating assets to educate the prospective patients and providers about the healthcare company and their services. Over time, the organization was able to see a 403 percent increase in website traffic, 82 percent increase in lead generation, and 31 percent increase in new customers.

HubSpot’s recent announcement on new and enhanced tools for sales and customer service has Prism Global Marketing Solutions geared up to leverage the new enhancements. With these new tools as part of the HubSpot ecosystem, Prism Global Marketing Solutions intends to do even more to help automate and streamline marketing and sales operations to help their clients grow. “We are excited to leverage these new HubSpot tools to help our clients on an even more dynamic level across all levels of their organization,” says Elyse.