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Elyse Flynn Meyer, Founder & President, Prism Global Marketing SolutionsElyse Flynn Meyer, Founder & President
Marketing has transformed in countless ways over the last several years. With that, individuals are consuming information at a different rate and through different platforms. In the era of the Internet and social media-driven marketing, new platforms and technology tools create a springboard for companies to ease and automate their inbound marketing process. Companies anticipate expert marketing agencies to support their business growth in order to attract the target customers who are the best fit for their business. The methodology behind inbound marketing is driving new and qualified traffic to your website, converting those visitors into engaged leads, and then nurturing those contacts into sales-ready opportunities and ultimately, customers. The ongoing growth of inbound marketing, and the progress of HubSpot as the foremost global inbound marketing platform, has been coupled with an increase in the need for inbound marketing services provided by organizations that have an expertise in inbound. Founded in 2013 and is one of the first Hubspot partner, Prism Global Marketing Solutions. The firm helps businesses achieve marketing success through a combination of inbound marketing and sales best practices and tactics. Elyse Flynn Meyer, President and Founder of Prism Global Marketing Solutions, says, “Our team of experts are HubSpot certified professionals, and we help companies harness the full potential of inbound marketing including content, SEO, social media, email marketing, marketing automation, analytics and much more. We focus on all aspects of the prospect and customer touchpoints to optimize the digital journey.”

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Prism Global Marketing Solutions is a company that is rapidly turning heads in the marketing and advertising industry for its marketing services. As a HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner, their expertise with HubSpot and long-term partnership gives an added advantage to companies looking to partner with an inbound agency. Prism Global Marketing Solutions offers state-of-the-art strategy, technology, and implementation services that ensure their clients are getting the desired outcome based on their business objectives. For companies who are getting started with HubSpot, Prism Global Marketing Solutions also offers a plethora of services such as HubSpot onboarding services, HubSpot and inbound training since their founder is also a HubSpot Certified Trainer, and full inbound marketing and sales services to help companies grow. So far, they have led their clients to inbound success through their full suite of inbound services that help marketers and sales leaders turn their vision into reality; a professional service firm was one of them.

Our team of experts are HubSpot certified professionals and we help companies harness the full potential of inbound marketing including content, SEO, social media, email marketing, marketing automation, analytics and much more. We focus on all aspects of the prospect and customer touchpoints to optimize the digital journey

The client was looking to increase their website traffic, leads, and customers, while also building their thought leadership. Engaging with HubSpot, the firm was able to achieve significant growth in all the areas they required.

The Prism Global Marketing Solutions approach to inbound marketing relies on first analyzing the client’s business profile and overall business objectives. They then use the agency’s deep experience in marketing, inbound, and HubSpot to craft comprehensive strategies and solutions tailored to real needs and goals. By using HubSpot as the marketing automation platform, Prism Global Marketing Solutions can help companies grow in a more efficient and sustainable way by having their marketing technology all in one platform. As part of the HubSpot ecosystem and with HubSpot’s growing software capabilities, Prism Global Marketing Solutions intends to do even more with these tools to help automate and streamline marketing and sales operations to help their clients grow over the coming years.

The firm provides inbound marketing services to companies around the globe who are looking to grow faster, work more efficiently, and connect with prospects and customers on a more digital level to fuel business growth. Prism Global Marketing Solutions recently won the 2019 HubSpot Impact Award for Marketing Enablement. In addition, for their excellence in email marketing and marketing automation, Prism Global Marketing Solutions won the American Marketing Association Spectrum Award for Marketing Automation. Prism Global Marketing Solutions’ founder also recently co-authored a book, “Brand YOU, Brand NEW” with the ultimate goal to educate others on the importance of branding, not just for your company, but for yourself. She is currently writing a book dedicated to inbound marketing set to launch in fall 2020.

Prism Global Marketing Solutions is dedicated to their client’s growth, and they power that growth with a tool like HubSpot which helps to streamline processes have an umbrella for all of their digital tools in one place, and a consistent and effective way to track metrics over time. “We are not just another vendor to our clients; we are their business partners to help them reach their goal, and we pride ourselves and providing on the latest inbound expertise to help our clients continue to grow,” concludes Elyse.
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Prism Global Marketing Solutions

Prism Global Marketing Solutions

Phoenix, Arizona

Elyse Flynn Meyer, Founder & President

Prism Global Marketing Solutions is a HubSpot Platinum Partner and HubSpot Certified Trainer that offers integrated inbound solutions for worldwide organizations to drive website traffic, leads, and development of customers. They provide organizations with a full inbound marketing strategy and support