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James Kwon, Founder and CEO, Figmints l SalesAmpJames Kwon, Founder and CEO
The human brain is hard-wired to the art of story-telling; be it a child or an adult, stories connect us all. Everything that we see around us narrates a story, a perfect concatenation of which evokes a sense of inclusiveness in the brain. Similar is the case with the success of any business. Be it through engaging websites or appealing videos, successfully connecting with the target audience depends on how the business narrative is presented. However, most often, companies struggle to establish that level of engagement with their customers. Take, for instance, RCG Global Services, who, despite having a standard branding and sales process, decided to bring in some expert help to expand their brand awareness and ultimately their pipeline. The absence of an integrated and well planned marketing campaign posed challenges for the company to get their story to the right people at the right time. Grappling with managing cold leads that weren’t engaging, RCG resorted to seeking the assistance of Figmints, a creative marketing agency.

Figmints walked RCG through its unique and proprietary SalesAmp process–a method of developing and managing lists, creating thought leadership, applying the right mix of inbound and outbound marketing tactics, and following up on any engaged lead with their inside sales team. Further, by incorporating its services such as Journey Line, website design, branding, content development, LinkedIn Ads, SEO, email marketing, and more, Figmints garnered the interest of the leads. The company’s revamped marketing approach enabled RCG to drive its sales revenue by generating relevant leads through monthly campaigns. “With our BDR as a service, we created a HubSpot ecosystem that helped RCG increase their sales traffic exponentially and condense the time taken to generate new leads by almost half,” mentions James Kwon, founder and CEO at Figmints.
Driven by its mission to see ‘Full Potential, Realized’ for its clients, Figmints emerges as a comprehensive digital agency that bridges the gap between sales and marketing. Figmints provides clients with the right tools and services to craft their story better and enhance engagement. The company doesn’t merely work for its clients but helps them unleash their potential in their unique and competitive market. Contrary to its competitors who use traditional processes where marketing strategies rely more on estimated guesses than science, Figmints uses state of the art technology to bolster inbound marketing operations. Instead of waiting for the sales department to pull leads into the pipeline, Figmints proactively tracks every step of the buyer’s journey in real-time. The company then uses this data to better understand the customer’s needs, which in turn, digitizes and expedites sales discussions. The first step within this approach, to craft the right story, revolves around developing a foundation to connect with the target audience. It begins with Figmints understanding the journey of its clients, their progress thus far, and the destination they aspire to reach. The proficient team of creatives, marketers, developers, and business development reps at Figmints go the extra mile to know the ‘why’ of its clients’ story. Essentially known as the Journey Line process, Figmints leverages this proprietary service to unearth stories that add value to customers’ business. As the second step of their operation, Figmints creates the world for these clients’ stories through visual branding and logo creation, website design, UI/UX development, video production, and more to create an ever-lasting impact of the clients’ company. Figmints “digitizes the relational side of sales” through its services to help businesses excel. The company amalgamates creativity with advanced technology, marketing, and sales tactics that gets results–the third critical stage of the process.

According to Kwon, digital transformation is not an “if,” but rather a must to help businesses propel through tough times like the COVID 19. Even during the adversities of the on-going pandemic, the company is helping its clients maintain their lead generation and business continuity. At a time when it is no longer possible for salespersons to build relationships with target customers through conventional means, Figmints is removing their shackles by creating strategic virtual connections. Effectively, through its innovative ideas and technologies, the company is empowering its clients to develop real relationships virtually and realize their full potential in an evolving landscape.
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Figmints l SalesAmp

Providence, RI

James Kwon, Founder and CEO

Figmints is a full-service digital creative agency that specializes in interactive execution. Driven by its mission to see ‘Full Potential, Realized’ for its clients, Figmints emerges as a comprehensive digital agency that bridges the gap between sales and marketingFigmints uses state of the art technology to bolster inbound marketing operations The company helps customers craft their creative story through effective branding/identity development, marketing communications collateral, website design and development, UI/UX strategy and implementation, web & mobile application design/development, SEM, SEO, SMM, video and motion graphics production