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Rod Moynihan, Director and Head of growth, BAC PartnersRod Moynihan, Director and Head of growth
The normalization of the digital economy has been on the rise in the last few years and COVID-19 has taken the markets to a nearly ‘digital-only economy or distant economy.’ At this juncture, companies are waging a battle on two fronts, maintaining revenue and increasing spend on digital marketing to align with the ‘new normal’. As all companies throng the digital space, filling the space with marketing messages to the brim, any business has its task cut out to wade through the digital noise and be heard by prospective customers. And, at a time when consumers’ attention to companies has reduced due to digital noise, businesses need to have a plan to wow customers through personalized, informed, and relevant marketing, sales services, and digital support experiences, which is the new battleground for customer acquisition and retention.

BAC Partners helps organizations shape and redefine their organizational customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) through integrated CX/ EX design/journey principles. In the eyes of BAC, the aggregation of employee and customer experience is crucial to retaining and nurturing existing customers and attracting new ones, and the sure-fire way to achieve CX is through EX. To that end, BAC ensures its clients’ design systems, process, methodologies, and implement tools that empower their go to market teams (marketing, sales and support). The company offers agile methodologies that combine process and design with technology delivery into a rapid deliver/ value program. BAC’s strategy is to unlock valuable data that exists within clients’ organisation and serve that data at the right place and at the right time. This helps marketing, sales, and service teams to deliver better CX while driving the productivity and efficiencies of the organisation.

BAC has years of experience in creating a high-touch environment that connects brands, their marketing and sales /support teams, and consumers in a digital manner. The company promotes consistent interactions between all the stakeholders and strives to ensure that the right team has the right data to reach the right customer and deliver relevant experiences across all the phases of sales/support and marketing activities. BAC also strives to ensure its clients optimize and automate their omnichannel engagement for maximum consumer interaction and conversions.

“In our services, we use our partnership with HubSpot to create great benefits for our clients,” says Rod Moynihan, Director and Head of Growth at BAC. HubSpot is leading the marketing / CX industry because of its focus on improving CX/EX by enabling the customer-facing teams with data-rich platform and internal collaboration that translates to consumer trust and value-based growth.
Using HubSpot’s strength, BAC helps its clients through an engagement program built to enable its clients with a clear picture of where CX and EX intersect, how those experiences are performing in marketing and sales, and how they can be improved. Such a well-rounded approach aids in improving processes and exploring areas where CX and revenue can be maximized using HubSpot.

We can bring data that doesn’t natively reside within HubSpot for improving business execution at any point in the customer journey

Unlike other players in the market, BAC brings strong data integration and automation expertise to the table. “We can bring data that doesn’t natively reside within HubSpot for improving business execution at any point in the customer journey,” says Moynihan. For example, when a customer calls into a support center asking for an update on the status of product delivery, BAC ensures accurate and up-to-date data is available in real-time from external systems to that customer or employee in the Hubspot environment. Normally, the delivery information rests with the 3PL partners, but with BAC’s integration and automation capabilities, quality data is made handy for both customers and employees of its clients.

What’s more, BAC has a strong post-delivery engagement model for optimizing CX and EX. Through this model, the company helps its clients be apprised of the changing business environments and evolve consistently. Specifically, for firms that are undergoing lCX/EX and digital channel transformation, BAC enables them to overcome the operational challenges and make quick gains on their technology investments in marketing and sales. With improved ROI and lower total cost of ownership (TCO), they can better focus on improving CX and EX.

While other HubSpot services companies are centered on the core marketing engine or retainer-based programs, BAC differentiates in the HubSpot partner marketplace with its historic experience in midscale and large ERP and CRM implementation projects. Besides, the company has supporting core partnerships with complimentary solutions for VoIP, data automation/integration, service and support through which it offers omnichannel engagement and data integration and automation services to its clients. “Our intellectual property, knowledge, experience, delivery methodologies, and support are unparalleled in the market,” extols Moynihan.

A case in point, a New Zealand-based SaaS firm MyHR was looking to expand and scale to other locations owing to the drastic rise in demand for SaaS and outsourced HR capabilities. They selected HubSpot to meet the growing needs and engaged BAC to implement the platform. BAC played a key role in designing the core CX/EX journeys. It designed and delivered a highly evolved Hubspot environment that increased the client’s reach to its target audience through various channels and improved the productivity in both sales and support. BAC also enabled automated self-service and deflection of the inbound service requests and support requests while serving external data within Hubspot at the right place and at the right time in the consumer and employee journey.

Marching forward, BAC looks forward to fostering new partnerships with regional companies in Australia and South East Asia to continue being agile and invest in improving its capabilities in the HubSpot expanse.
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BAC Partners

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Rod Moynihan, Director and Head of growth

BAC Partners has been a partner of HubSpot and a leader in providing consultancy services to optimize clients’ revenue streams