IMPACT: Human-Focused Inbound Marketing

CIO VendorBob Ruffolo, Founder & CEO The way the world consumes media and information has changed for good. Internet-based applications and streaming services have taken over traditional methods, and this means all the marketing efforts spent on prime time television is going to waste because the audience is engaged online. But simply, touting a product online is also futile. The infamous ad blockers or ad free versions come to the rescue of consumers, making digital marketing a venture easier said than done. What organizations need is inbound marketing or the ability to attract consumers through content that is relevant and helpful and not “interruptive.” In such times, Hubspot is an example of a company that nails human-focused content. So how does inbound marketing exactly work? Successful inbound marketing content can be produced through blogs, social media, videos, or through website content. The stress is on 'value-filled' content that provides solutions to potential problems faced by a consumer—instead of just selling a product—thereby drawing them to a company.

As a certified Diamond Partner of HubSpot and a company that is rapidly turning heads in the industry for their marketing services, IMPACT is all a business needs to ace their inbound marketing strategies. Founded in 2009, IMPACT offers state-of-the-art strategy, consultation, and implementation that ensure improved and qualified website traffic as well as sales ready leads. So far the company has led thousands of clients to inbound success through agency and content-based services that help marketers and sales leaders turn their vision into reality.

Building Relations over Transactions

Behind IMPACT's dynamic growth is the young entrepreneur, Bob Ruffolo, CEO who is passionate about marketing and everything it takes to help a firm succeed. The story goes: fresh out of college and into his first job, Ruffolo's then boss asked him to drive up the traffic of a website that generated 100 visitors. A starry-eyed Ruffolo proved his mettle and learned everything about SEO and referral traffic. Within a year, the website was generating over 200 visitors per day! But the curveballs weren't over for this visionary. His boss then hit him with “That’s great, but what I really need is leads.”
Again there was no stopping Ruffolo and after gaining thorough knowledge about calls to action and landing pages, soon the company was receiving over 50 quote requests per week from three leads per week. With such determination and commitment forming the back story of IMPACT, it comes as no surprise that today they are one of the most trusted inbound marketing agency across the US. It's all about placing value before growth and building relationships with customers, believes the CEO.

The company has led thousands of clients to inbound success through agency and content-based services that help marketers and sales leaders turn their vision into reality

Organizations often approach IMPACT with the same litany of problems. On one hand while firms understand the importance of inbound marketing in the digital age, they are often at sea when it comes to creating and executing inbound strategies that deliver sustainable marketing and sales results. With their core expertise lying elsewhere, often industry leaders don't have the time or the resources to create high-impact content. They have limited knowledge in lead generation and HubSpot, and this is where IMPACT changes the game. The company starts off with a 90-day marketing strategy that focuses on high-ranking comprehensive content, analytics, and brand messaging to help target buyers and other prospects with the right message. Their services suite is end-to-end covering everything from SEO, video production and editing, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, paid social ads, and HubSpot management to name a few. There is no limit to the type of content that IMPACT creates. Keeping in mind that 90 percent of the content by 2019 will be video-based, the company also conducts video marketing workshops to help customers master their video production and marketing. A talented video editing team is also present to turnaround quality content, which allows clients to focus on their core services. Through it all, IMPACT's marketing services ensure a reliable sales pipeline always full of opportunities, a competitive edge, educated buyers, and predictable revenues.

Unmatched HubSpot Advice

Specifically for companies that need help getting started with HubSpot or leverage their existing HubSpot implementation, IMPACT is the go to solutions provider. From assisting in HubSpot portal setup, permissions setup for first-time users, to creating reports, dashboards, workflows, third-party integrations as well as HubSpot CRM adoption, IMPACT has it all covered. In case a firm is already using HubSpot, IMPACT performs a HubSpot portal analysis, which includes a list of prioritized, actionable recommendations.
For the maximum benefit of clients, IMPACT offers a day or two long HubSpot training onsite through customized processes and technical expertise, and overall helps achieve a roadmap for success. On request, IMPACT takes up weekly HubSpot coaching and consulting through structured training modules, enabling clients to master sales and marketing through HubSpot.

IMPACT's expertise is better highlighted through the case in point of an Illinois-based health association who was on the lookout for a solution that would give them a competitive edge, help update their platform, and align with inbound strategy and tools. IMPACT stepped onboard and after in dentifying the client's key goals and objectives, it was apparent that the health association needed to increase conversions on their website and nurture the leads. A 12-month strategy was implemented, which included aggressive content marketing, a continuous website improvement program, upselling opportunities, and a process for promoting upcoming events. While the client had some initial success leveraging HubSpot, IMPACT's proven expertise boosted the outcome further. They enhanced the client's existing workflows within HubSpot to gather the low-hanging fruit. IMPACT set up a blog optimization package comprising beautifully designed templates, promotions, and conversion points to attract visitors. In no time, the client observed a spike in website traffic and blog subscribers. The lead conversions increased by 523.51 percent in just 2.5 months and over 1353 new leads were generated.

Gaining recognition for their exceptional services, IMPACT was named as HubSpot’s 2017 Inbound Agency Partner of the Year. A marketing whizz in the truest sense, for clients that need a data-driven website to attract more leads, IMPACT has that well-covered as well. From concept and strategy to design and implementation, IMPACT's team can bring a new HubSpot website vision to life. Every website designed by IMPACT is mobile responsive, optimized for search and conversions, and speed-tested. The company even goes the extra mile and can implement site personalization or A/B testing using HubSpot tools. For a Connecticut-based general contractor, their existing website was failing them. Ideal buyers were doing more research online and the client's website was outdated and resembled a static "online brochure." With IMPACT's intervention, the client redesigned their website and focused on SEO, along with a digital strategy. At the end of it all, the contractor witnessed a 10x increase in traffic, which in turn created a significant turn on site traffic, leads, and consultation requests.

"IMPACT's marketing services ensure a reliable sales pipeline always full of opportunities, a competitive edge, educated buyers, and predictable revenues"

It's evident that the future of marketing is all about being purpose-driven, contextual, and adopting automation. IMPACT’s mission has always been to enable people and their organizations achieve maximum benefits from their marketing journey and going forward the company will continue working incessantly to help businesses get the most out of HubSpot.
- Sandeepa Majumdar
    November 29, 2018