Giving Fans a Rock Star Experience with Hubspot

By Ellie Ovsenik, Director of Content Marketing, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Ellie Ovsenik, Director of Content Marketing, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

For the past two years, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has been a part of the Hubspot community. While we first evaluated the platform as primarily an email provider, we’ve found that the marketing suite takes us much further than we once anticipated needing to go in terms of lead capture and customer response – but to our delight, Hubspot’s canny intuition into customer behaviors and desired outcomes from the businesses they interact with has led us into new and successful territories.

There are many kinds of information a guest may look for online before buying a ticket to the Rock Hall: standard operation questions concerning parking, directions, hours of operation and ticket costs; exhibit and Hall of Fame related-questions that dive into artists represented or on display and reasons why one band is inducted and not another; as well as seeking a calendar of events. All of these pieces of information are included in different sections of our website and oftentimes we manually field and redirect customers to sections they may have skipped or missed while considering a visit.

We use Hubspot to automate informational email sends based on selected preferences for information, as well as a Facebook Messenger bot supported by the platform. This bot created and supported in the Hubspot social section of the marketing suite is our first-touch intake on the busy channel for us and attempts to quickly serve up relevant and standard answers for fans. Team members from marketing drop in on these conversations if they stray from outside the norm and need additional guidance or assistance. We like to balance a fan’s need for a quick answer or link with the personal touch of conversation so this set up allows us to let fans know they’ve been heard without creating additional friction.

The fan’s initial outreach is also captured in the customer record in Hubspot, so we are able to have a birds-eye view of potential trends and internally create additional resources based on the feedback we’re receiving. Our general marketing personas are built using behavior and interest categories rather than traditional demographics, so reflecting at a high level on the major types of questions fans start with also give us insight into which personas are using Facebook and converting with the assistance of the bot and information provided.

We’re looking into using this same technology on our website as well in 2019 because we’ve been pleased with the results: In the Spring of 2018 we found that 12% of our Facebook Messenger contacts who reached out purchased tickets. We continue to refine the automated menu and trigger keywords in the bot to better serve the links a fan is searching for in the moment of making a purchase decision.

A friendly conversation and helping hand online has also allowed our response team to share more information about the city of Cleveland and the different experiences to be had for outside visitors. As one of the main destinations in the city, we’re pleased that the Messenger bot allows us to share general visitor information and make recommendations that improve a visitor’s overall trip. In the same vein as the Hubspot flywheel line on thinking – that the funnel itself is not the way to guide a customer relationship – we too see the value in creating a positive experience cycle: Starting with lead capture, guided by question and answer and content consumption and made whole by a visit to the museum. In this model there are future revolutions of the pattern on the flywheel, supported by the Hubspot platform.

We will continue to explore how we can connect fans with exclusive artist content and moments of surprise and delight available through the Facebook and Hubspot integration. Because Hubspot sees and evaluates how fans go through and ask for unique experiences online, their team is committed to helping customers deliver on those and we’re grateful for the partnership.

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